review of Alexander, Part 1

In the Footsteps of Alexander the Great, Part 1: The 1998 Footsteps of Alexander the Great Tour
By Mansur Johnson
The Einstein Academy, $40.00, 212 pages, Format: eBook

14 films in 5 days at the Traverse City Film Festival 2014

14 movies in 5 days at the Traverse City Film Festival 2014. Ranked 0-5. Mansur J



Books [I read] in 2015

Books in 2015



15 books I am reading now

Love & Math, the heart of hidden reality, Edward Frenkel

Best American Poetry 1997

The Future of the Mind, the scientific quest to understand, enhance, and empower the mind, Michio Kaku

Moneyball, Michael Lewis

The Cooked Seed, a memoir, Anchee Min

Allegory of the Supermarket, poems by Stephanie Brown

The Best America Poetry 2005

The Gulag Archipelago, an experiment in literary investigation, Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

Red Azalea, Anchee Min

Traverse City Film Festival 2013



10 books I'm reading now 7/20/13

1) The Cushion in the Road, meditation and wandering as the whole world awakens to being in harm’s way, by Alice Walker.    

2) The New Digital Age, reshaping the future of people, nations and business, by Eric Schmidt & Jared Cohen.    

3) Radical Abundance, how a revolution in nanotechnology will change civilization, by K. Eric Drexler.    

Short reviews of 15 films at the 2011 Traverse City Film Festival. Rated 1-5

Short reviews of 15 films at the 2011 Traverse City Film Festival. Rated 1-5.

HESHER, 2010/ USA/R/106 min.

Grief interruptus by Hesher. #4

RID OF ME, 2011/USA/NR/105 min.

Great casting. Great photography. There’s a place someplace for everybody. Lots of musical montages. Made in Portland, Oregon. #4

BLACK BUTTERFLIES, 2011/Germany, Netherlands, South Africa/NR/100 min.

See South Africa a little bit. Discover poet Ingrid Jonker (compared to Sylvia Plath). You are beautiful, my dear, but mad. Painful. #3

10 books I'm reading now

1. Empire of the Summer Moon, Quanah Parker and the rise and fall of the Comanches, the most powerful Indian tribe in American History, by S.C. Gwynne, Scribner, New York, 2010.

2. Long for this World, the strange science of immortality, by Jonathan Weiner, HarperCollins, New York, 2010.

3. Too Big to Fail, the inside story of how Wall Street and Washington fought to save the financial system and themselves, by Andrew Ross Sorkin, Viking, New York, 2009.


The visitor to China may be interested to be forewarned China has a lot of people. Cities of millions boggle the mind, as each city may be perceived as a world unto itself. The teeming masses find their place in the city as the traveller their hotel and may only guess what the rest of the world looks like.