11 State Islam

11 State Islam. In fact state Islam is a contradiction in terms. When we are required to empty our pockets every night. (This is the rule for the Murshid. That he should have nothing left over at the end of the day.) How could there be such a thing? This is what SAM got so angry about was that here were these beings saying that they were Muslims while their brothers were starving in the streets. Please do not confuse the Islam which I am writing to you about with that form of Islam.

Please I ask you to examine the five pillars closely at your leisure. There is no compulsion on anyone within Islam. As one sheikh told me: This is the way of mind & heart. They both must agree before you can take a step or else your step is false. You must be true to yourself & at the same time you must carefully inspect the truth.

Now I realize that a further difficulty arises insofar that SAM used to quote a Hadith

To the effect that Quran was reveal in seven dialects. I myself have sought for the exact Hadith that this is from & who gave it. (Perhaps Wali Ali you have the source of this?) In any case then one could make many interpretations but I am not so sure about this. All of my teachers in the East have told me that I could not understand the Quran without learning Arabic which I am in the process of doing. I know this is true so far as Torah goes & I have made effort to learn Ivritt & have a Bible which I obtained in Jerusalem which is similar to the English Arabic Quran in that it is English/Ivrit Torah so that one can check the Ivrit [modern Hebrew] Kabalistically. If one knows the meanings & values of the letters both in Ivrit & Arabic which are interrelated languages one can begin to get the meaning “in deep” as my friend Hassan who did our translations told me. Even so, & I have gone over some Surahs with him in this way the meaning is fairly similar to what one reads in the Yusuf Ali or Mohammad Ali editions [of the Quran]. Their footnotes are an attempt to give the “in depth” understandings. But certain things are inescapable & even with seven dialects will come down to the same thing no matter how you cut it.