12 Conclusion

12 Conclusion. I guess what it comes down to is that I have a feeling that Murshid SAM was trying to avoid the implications inherent in what Barkat Ali was writing to him. These implications are all related to the degree & connection which exists between Islam & the Sufis Way. He was saying basically that they are inextricably connected. That Islam is the form or the shell, that Sufi is the nut or the kernel & that the Haq is the basis for the whole construct & you can’t cane one without the other. It’s like having wine without the cup to have Sufi without the Islam.

Now of course I know that this will bring up quite a bit of stuff related to what exactly the nature of Surrender or peace that Islam is & that this is subject to many interpretations. Perhaps in future correspondence we can deal with this subject.

In any case I hope all of this is of interest to you & you will feel inclined to write your understandings to this person. Since one of you will be here this summer I am sure that we will have more opportunities to communicate about all of this more deeply.

I would appreciate it if one of you could Xerox this to Mansur. As he will be here as well this summer & I feel that we will have to go over it all so he should be aware of this correspondence. In the future I will make a copy for him. I have tried to talk with Vilayat about these subjects in the past but I have gotten no where. Since your group is known as Sufi ISLAMIA Ruhaniat I feel that you at least will go over some of this. Moinudin I know we touched on this area a number of years ago when I asked you the meaning of Sufi Islamia Ruhania & you told me it meant the Spirit of Islam. I am asking for further definitions of just exactly what you mean by the Spirit of Islam.

One of the things that I am currently involved in planning is a meeting scheduled for the summer of 1977 which will be of all the Sufi s or those calling themselves Sufi in the West as well as any number of our brothers from the East. At this time I hope we can really get into it. Inshallah one will have returned oneself from the Haj by that summer so one will have once again seen it in the East & in the West. For as Quran says Allah is neither of the East nor of the West.

I believe at this JAMIAT OF ALL THE Sufis that something will begin to become clearer.


So this is all for now, to be continued


Noor-i-din, a slave of Allah

Love to all

A heart with Arabic Allah within, drawn.