2 Sufi Barkat Ali

2 Sufi Barkat Ali. I don’t know if you are receiving the papers that are coming from Sheikh Sidi Mohammed [He lived in Israel.]. Moinudin should be receiving them, perhaps he could make copies as they are very connected to this correspondence between us.

I have here in front of me a letter from Sufi Barkat Ali [Barkat Ali was Murshid’s teacher in Pakistan. Murshid emphasized that he always had a living teacher, implying that no matter who you were it was important to report/ be responsible to someone.] to Murshid Sam dated 28 Jama dul Awwal 1387 AH [September 3, 1967] which corresponds roughly to 1966-67. These you will agree no doubt were very crucial years in Sam’s evolution roughly corresponding if I have my chronology correct to the time when you were all meeting & SAM [Sufi Ahmad Murad, one of Murshid’s spiritual names, conveniently corresponding to the short form of Samuel, his given name] was moving out of what he calls the CAVE phase. Was this before or after he was told that he was to be the teacher of the hippies when he was laying flat on his back in the hospital?

All throughout this period Barkat Ali was giving SAM various Darood [affirmations] and Practices. In any case the Daroods were sent. I do not have any correspondence from SAM to Sufi Barkat Ali between 1963-69. Does this check with your files? This would be critical insofar as it might contain answers from SAM to Barkat Ali vis-à-vis his feelings about what Barkat Ali brought forth in his letters.