3 Passage from a letter by Barkat Ali

3 Passage from a letter by Barkat Ali. Referring now to the latest letter mentioned about. Quoting:

May I emphasize please to wear BEARD and be punctual to NIMAZ & seek and search Peace in ISLAM.

& above

This is ALL I know & preach and ALLAH and ISLAM.

Our knowledge is very limited and cannot dare to alter any ISLAMIC doctrine in any form. We have no other way but to surrender ourselves to ALLAH and RASUL ULLAH. And cannot even guess any variation or difference in Allah & Islam.

Please for Allah’s sake reset your mind according to these lines and regard them as Lines of Honor of Islam.

& below

Iblis (Shaitan, separation) misled and misleads SUFIS in all ages of Sufi-ism & nobody can consider himself safe from Iblis at any time.

The question is what was Barkat Ali telling SAM?