4 Noor's Interpretation

4 Noor’s interpretation. What follows is one’s interpretation of events one would be pleased if either of you or both of you [Moineddin or Wali Ali] would be kind enough to carry this correspondence on.

I feel that what Barkat Ali was telling SAM was exactly the same message which this person received in Jerusalem last year. I believe that on the Sufi path one reaches a certain point where (quoting Barkat Ali) a few if not none surrender, all the rest survive which is the main cause of spiritual failure. If one surrenders he survives & none surrenders until and unless he surrenders. I am very lucky God (the Great & best, Merciful) has forced me to surrender in full and also thanks that you too and many others as well surrender & submit.

Was SAM making Namaz while he was staying with Barkat Ali? When I examine the papers I find that Barkat Ali was engaged in a translation of Hadith [recorded teaching tales derived from the life example of Prophet Mohammed]. Anyone who was as into it as that & gathering from all his letters he was, was making Salat. When one visits with such a being, as I have by now in my own travels, one usually follows the customs of the place where one is staying. Thus if SAM was staying with Barkat Ali it is reasonable to extrapolate that he was making the Salat or else was being taught it. Tho most have you do it along with the other brothers so as to learn it by doing it as Sam was so fond of quoting Al-Ghazalli that Sufism is experience how could he have not been involved in the practice of the Zawiyya Kanaka or even Home [sic] of Barkat Ali?

Also at the same time SAM was addressing letters to Barkat Ali to his Pir-o-Murshid, something he had not done since Inayat Khan (since the intervening teachers were Murshidas). Moreover SAM was well aware of making such a statement & what that entails. Further if one reads Awarifu ul Ma’arif [by 13thcentury author, Shaikh Shahabudin Umar bin Mohammad-i-Suhrawardi]  (a book SAM valued highly & speaks of frequently in his letters) & read the parts relating to the relationship between the Murid (even given SAM was Murad) & the Murshid one understands the courtesy & obedience of the student at whatever level the student might exist.