6 Continued Questioning

6 Continued questioning. This is exactly the same instructions which I received from 4 out of 5 teachers of Sufic Way in Jerusalem. The exception being Murshid Hassan.

Do you think that this message is a valid one? Or do you think it is invalid?

I feel that these are very deep questions which we must try to find the truth of as they affect & effect all of our lives & our work. Perhaps you do not feel the same way but I feel that you both have a very deep dedication to al Haq [the Truth] & you will try to understand these words not as confrontation but as a sincere effort to seek out the real truth of the meaning of being Sufi & what the nature of surrender is.

No doubt what is presented as Sufi by both SIRS [Sufi Islamia Ruhaniat Society, the organization founded by Murshid with a name bestowed by Sufi Barkat Ali, if I’ve got that right] & the Sufi Order under Vilayat Khan is not in accord with what I am presenting here. Nevertheless these questions cannot be avoided if we are going to have the truth with the love harmony & beauty. And we will have the truth INSHALLAH.

I have been on this path for quite a while & I have been searching & seeking thru innumerable smoke screens & veils. Both from the beginning with the Meher Baba people then with SAM & then with Vilayat to find what the truth was. I have heard endless stories of missing papers, houses burned, disciples turning on their teachers, intrigues of every kind & even suspicion of foul play. How is this possible if the expressed desire of all involved has been Love Harmony & Beauty? Why do brothers fight with one another & conspire & what indeed is the nature of this conspiracy to hide the TRUTH?