9 The hypocrisy of All Religions

9 The hypocrisy of all religions. Now I have no argument with the things SAM was teaching especially relating to the realization of Allah as nearer to one than ones own Jugular vein. EXPERIENCING IT not “knowing” it. SAM was right on in this area. The falseness that he saw in ISLAM as well as practically every other way was that people did not live what they preached. Now the Prophet, peace be upon him, said the only way that Islam, the Tauwhid of Ibrahim Khalil Allah, could be given was thru example & that this was his method. SAM concurred with this & I believe became very angry with what he saw especially in Lahore during the famine, which was hypocrisy. No doubt this also caused him to rail with all religions in general & from my own travels there is no doubt that he had every right to do so. But one does not mistake the form for the essence. That is that one realizes that the natural tendency is for things to decay (when dharma decays) especially when there are not enlightened people guiding or directing things which certainly seems to be the case with the religions of the world as they are now constituted.


[Unmentioned to myself through marginal scriblings or otherwise is the fact that Page 7 in the zerox copy I received is missing. This hiatus is that omission.] Thankfully, some would say, but it goes on.