April 25, 1979


April 25, 1979

Dear Mansur,

As-salaam aleikhum!

Thank for your note of April 19 [in which I ask about SIRS support for my book Murshid; actually, more than 20 years in advance of the “right time.”]  Right now our focus is pretty much entirely upon getting Murshid’s literature into print. Without even considering the worthwhile material that disciples may have written for eventual publication, we are hard-pressed to get Murshid’s extensive writings out in a regular fashion. For instance, the 1stCorinthian lectures have been out of print for years, and Toward Spiritual Brotherhood nor has The Locus and the Universeever come out.

Presently we are working on Murshid’s Commentary on the Bowl of Saki, and re-pressings of two of the Sufi Choir records which are steady sellers.

In a word, we are strapped for time, energy and workers in this sphere of publishing. One promising sign is that Sa’adi and Khalida received the inspiration to begin working with Prophecy Presswords on a regular basis to get Murshid’s writings out; Fatima thinks the inspiration came at Anandashram or Lahore, she’s not sure. But this is all inshallah and awaits actual results.

So even if your book were in a completed state, completely edited for grammar and punctuation, etc., the Ruhaniat’s present focus would relegate yours and others’ works to the back burners—with relation to Murshid’s poetry and other works which we feel should be first priority.

I feel that a chapter could certainly be submitted to Bismillah, to let people know that you have a work in progress. But if you wish to see your book Murshid come to print it would have to be through a publisher on the open market, inshallah.

Nor do I know why you would think I might have any connections in this regard. I don’t at all. But I’ll Xerox your letter and pass it along to Wali Ali and he may have some ideas, as he is working along similar lines.

Whether I “go” or not should have the slightest effect one way or the other on the publication of your book. If Murshid, indeed if Allah wants your book published, what could stop it?

The most important thing Mataji Krishnabai said to Fatima was: “You must not worry about the future.”