The Continuing Saga

Sigmund (Hassan) Herz, Carl (Moineddin) Jablonski, Otis (Mansur) Johnson, and Pat (Fatima) Jablonski at the Jablonski's farm outside of Iowa City, Iowa, USA, circa 1966. 


This chapter details how Moineddin dealt with a personal attack by Pir Vilayat (letters 12/2/77 and 1/7/78), whose Declaration produced the separation of Murshid's San Francisco center, the Sufi Islamia Ruhaniat Society, and the Sufi Order; as well as, the organizational measures (letters 2/22/78 and 2/26/78) undertaken by Moineddin, who was undergoing dialysis at the time.

This first letter harkens back to a better time: Lama camp two summers ago. He discusses Murshid’s view of the silsila, answers Mansur’s questioning whether he should keep teaching [“How can you stop…?”], describes his kids’ outing, and comments on Zeinob’s wedding.


October 31, 1977

Dear Mansur, Beloved One of Allah,

Allah mu barak!

When I think of two summers ago at Lama, I think that we were all like planets that came into some super-harmonious conjunction during the Camp. We cannot always count on things being that way, but when they are it is a real source of blessing.

The Silsila [the chain of the lineage] for me has been adjusted so that Murshid follows H.I.K. now instead of Pir Vilayat. I still have questions concerning Ali as the “door” because in one or two of Murshid’s lessons he clearly indicates that Abu Bakr Siddiq was Mohamed’s first esoteric successor. Apparently, there are some Orders that place Abu Bakr at the head of their Silsila, and some others that place Ali at the head. My feeling is tht Murshid favored Abu Bakr at the head. I have an appointment with Wali Ali the day after tomorrow, so we’ll take that question up among other things.

How can you stop doing what Allah wants you to do?

The October issue of The Smithsonian has a small article on OTEC which you were be interested in.

Yesterday was Nooria’s 8thbirthday. Fatima took her to Marriott’s Great America, along with Vasheest and his kids, for a day of rides and shows and eats. The kids loved every minute, but Vasheest lost his wallet. I stayed home with Noah and watched the Raiders beat Denver.

Saturday we drove down to Santa Cruz for Zeinob’s marriage to Mojtaba, a very fine Persian man of 35. It was a marvelous affair. When I asked him if he would accept Zeinob as the most sacred trust given to him by God, he hesitated a little on the “I will” so I started to prompt him. Then he sort of surprised everyone in the church by his answer: “Inshallah, I will!” Everyone heard how deeply felt was his answer, and the place echoed with heartfelt laughter. (I feel that he is one of those persons who may be regarded as closer to God than many who are initiates—as Hazrat Inayt remarked to Murshid in the “Six Interviews.”)

Ya Fattah!

Love and blessings,