December 4, 1976

Mainly, this letter offers three suggestions in the form of spiritual practices for how to support healing.

In response to my inquiry (after my mother prompted me) about getting back the large Persian carpet bequeathed to me by my aunt Jeanne, which came from my grandfather’s house where I grew up, that I placed in the meditation room at The Garden of Inayat, Moineddin conveyed the answer below. (“It’s yours when you ask for it.”) Curiously, when I asked for it years later, my request was refused! I only succeeded in obtaining the carpet, upon advice by Taj’s husband Richard Glantz, by filing a small claims court action from a distance (I was in Arizona) in Marin County, California. Rather than answer to the court why she was keeping my valuable carpet, Jehanara surrendered the carpet.


147 Humboldt Avenue

San Anselmo, CA 94960

December 4, 1976

Dear Mansur, Beloved One of Allah,

Zarifah will be coming here any minute for her khilvat [retreat] instructions, but I thought I’d get a paragraph or two started anyhow. Then into S.F. to renew my membership in the Rainbow Bridge Book Club and do some Christmas shopping.

I wrote Wali Ali yesterday detailing some practices he might do when he and mureeds from Santa Fe and Lama meet for a healing peyote meeting for me on the occasion of Murshid’s URS. Since you occasionally send juice toward my kidneys, I think it might be good to mention these practices to you too First, there is Kasab [alternate nostril breathing] which can be done breathing “Shafee-Kafee” [God is the healer-remedy] with the inhalations and exhalations, with “Ya Zahir” [the manifest] on retentions. You can send conscious juice to the kidneys while doing this.

Next, there is Shaghal [practice with sound] which can be done simply to enshroud the recipient in the light and sound of divine healing. Both of these practices would be restricted to the proper grades of the participats. Nor am I looking or extra juice from any and every quarter—only because you send it on occasion do I relate specific practices. (Murshid’s Zikar lesson on “Ya Shafee, Ya Kafee” is also applicable.)

Third, there is direct focused Concentration. This can be done in any of several ways, including the following: breathe in and out “Allah Shafee, Allah Kafee” and feel the light of healing enter equally through the crown centre and the soles of the feet, meeting midway at the heart centre. There one generates a kind of solar energy and directly floods the recipient with the healing rays, especially the affected part. This can be done as a ritual in circular formation, or as part of Murshid’s Healing Dance at the end. Your own intuition will provide the right approach.

I mentioned the Persian carpet to Jayanara and she said it’s your whenever you ask for it. Also, Azim and Saqiya [?] (who live at the Alhamdulillah Ranch now) will write to you concerning the utilities still in your name.

I’m not sure I understand your wish regarding the Murshid photos, but will pass your “Instructions” along to Nizam-ud-din [?]—and hope for the best.

Tomorrow I ordain some seven candidates for Cheragship. We’ll all drive over to the Sufi Rock for the ordinations, after the Universal Worship here.

Pir and Jemila’s visit here last week was good from every standpoint.

God bless Ayesha, Ananda, Nathan, Qayyoom and Kirpal Krishna—and their daddy…

Love and blessings,

Moineddin & Family