December 4, 1979

Noor Mahal

December 4, 1979

Dear Mansur,

Beloved One of God, as-salaam aleikhum!

Yes, I’ll put your Alhamdulillah Ranch brochure in the mail to Iqbal as soon as I finish this letter to you.

I’m sorry your trip wasn’t so good financially. Actually, S.I.R.S. is having a bit of a problem attendance-wise too. At Allaudin’s recent day-long workshop at the Mentorgarten there were only 15 registrants; and he normally commands a much larger audience. One of the problems is the stacking up of seminars; our bulletin board is literally overrun with flyers and advertisements for this and that and the other thing—all fine offerings, I’m sure, but who can attend everything? Price is another consideration. There is a very real inflation and people are being affected by the shortage of money.

For what it’s worth, Mansur, I am always curious to see what kind of fellow our Murshid has created! But then, I already know—through love—what has transpired, what is transpiring, and I have faith in what will transpire. Inshallah.

Shahabuddin, Kothraneda, Surya, children and two mureeds all came for a final visit before leaving for Washington D.C. last week. It was a fine meeting. I can foresee some dove-tailing of your work with his as energy consciousness and political consciousness are more and more infused with the Spirit of Guidance, as Allah wills. (And, praise be to God, one was at last granted the grace of a spontaneous darshan with Surya—something longed for these many years but until last week never fulfilled.)