February 28, 1979

Mansur, based in Boston, was apparently unaware of the India trip and who was on it. Moineddin opens by answering Mansur’s question.

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February 28, 1979

Dear Mansur,

As-salaam aleikhum!

It my wife who is making the journey! Enclosed are copies of her letters from Anandashram. She’s due back here the first day of spring, praise be to Allah!

Thanks for your letters (and enclosures) of February 6 and 22. I cannot at this time supply you with a map and itinerary, but when Fatima returns I’ll ask her if she—with her artistic ability—can draw something suitable.

Incidentally, when the group was in Ajmer W.D. Begg took them to Moinuddin Chisti’s Dargah. It was a real opening for him; he wrote me the kindest letter describing their meeting. Then two nights ago Fatima phoned from New Delhi and told me that Mr. Begg had passed away; it must have been just after they left Ajmer. Allah bless him.

Your mention of Murshid’s movements during the last 500 days reminds me of his remarks to the Mentorgarten and Garden of Inayat families. He said (I think it was during his last or second to last birthday; maybe he didn’t celebrate his last one because he wanted the Viet-Nam war to end first), “This will be my last celebration with the ‘family’ as it were. Now Murshid is being called to function in a wider role. His family is expanding.”

Saul Barodofsky is presently in Turkey, mostly in connection with Sun Bow Trading Co., his rug business. We got a nice card yesterday saying he is making follow-up visits to Sheikh Musaffereddin’s group (Helveti) and Suleyman Dede’s group (Mevlevi), and they have all expressed a real heartfelt fondness and unity with the pilgrims (Fatima, Vasheest, et al.) Mansur, so many doors have opened as a result of this pilgrimage. As you will recall, Murshid wanted to take such a group to the East for the Ghandi Centennial in 1969 (or was it 1968?). Anyhow, I feel that Vasheest is Murshid, and he is doing everything perfectly, inshallah.

Your check for Cosmic Language Commentary will cover only 2/3 of our cost of zeroxing. The price we listed was $13, but we’ll be happy to send it to you for the $5 you enclosed. Just wanted to let you know what our costs are. Postage is extra too. If you want to send any extra, fine; if you don’t, fine. After all, you typed it in the first place!

Lots of love to you and yours,