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I bought a nifty difty little program to record my screen and will be posting how-to videos on this page. To watch online click on the link and it will open in your default video viewer (after a long time buffering...). Or you can right click on the link and save it to your computer to watch locally.

Connie :)


Here's a movie on how to get around the upload limits (basically create a new user and use their limits: Click Here

Link: How to make an internal link6.1 MB
Menu: How to change a menu bar item (primary, secondary, etc)5.05 MB
Menu: Add to Add Primary Links from Menu Page4.58 MB
Menu: How to Order Your Links2.85 MB
Menu: Remove pop-ups from menu links2.98 MB
Menus: Make a catalog page for drop down menus6.91 MB
Menus: Working your dropdown menus6 MB
Menus: Organizing menus4.01 MB
Menus: Organizing Aritcles7.85 MB
Files: How to upload a file using godaddy5.07 MB
Files: How to crop a photo in Paint5.08 MB
Files: Quick connect with Filezilla4.53 MB
How to change footer and site information3.41 MB
Comments: How to enable comments on a page4.27 MB
Books: Moinedin Letters: understanding books7.64 MB
Letter: How to make Letter from Moineddin5.62 MB
Slideshow: How to make a slideshow4.42 MB
Slideshow: How to edit a slideshow7.44 MB
Slideshow: Add a slideshow to book so it shows in left menu3.66 MB
Slideshow: Add a slideshow to book pages4.84 MB
Left Sidebar: how to edit the catalog menu4.61 MB
Left Sidebar: how to edit the book's links2.84 MB
My opinion on your photographs5.41 MB
Product: Edit product name (i.e. on photos for salw)3.6 MB
Product: Edit photos for sale (or edit product)5.59 MB
Product: Add a new product4.26 MB
Product: beginning instruction on download features4.65 MB
Product: resizing and watermarking a photo4.81 MB
Product: add a product to sell a Murshid picture6.22 MB
Product: set download attributes6.22 MB
Product: link picture to a product page5.42 MB
Product: change download price6.61 MB
Content: how to find your content2 MB
Letters: understandng thumbnails5.06 MB
Letters: understanding thumbnails7.56 MB
mansur-changing-window-sizes-thumbnails.wmv7.76 MB
link-another-way-to-make.wmv3.85 MB
Left column book links4.57 MB
mansur-find-add-book.wmv4.48 MB
mansur-remove-book-from-outline.wmv5.48 MB
NEW.. uploading photos1.8 MB