January 25, 1991

In this note from January 25, 1991, almost ten years have gone by since Moineddin’s transplant operation succeeded on January 28, 1981.

Our correspondence fell off in the 80s, probably because Mansur stopped teaching and moved to Arizona, where wages were low and life was hard, until he got into the movie business in 1986.

Shamcher died April 29, 1980, shortly after Ronald Reagan was elected and removed the solar panels from the roof of the White House. With the election of Reagan, federal funding for Shamcher’s baby, ocean thermal energy conversion, dried up. And Shamcher’s words on his death bed to Mansur, “I am not going to see the manifestation of OTECs and I don’t know whether you will either,” is a pronouncement I’m still working to overcome.

How Moineddin and the organization, then named SIRS, faired in the 80s, when Moineddin had a transplanted kidney and used an anti-rejection drug with serious side-effects, will have to be detailed by an historian other than Mansur. Similarly, what happened in the 90s with Moineddin at the helm for another decade until his passing in 2001 will have to be documented by someone other than Mansur.

Letters from Moineddin concludes with this one written as he has lost the kidney transplanted on January 28, 1981 and plans to go back on dialysis.

Sufi Islamia Ruhaniat Society

January 25, 1991

Dear Family and Friends,


I would like to share with you some recent decisions I have made to cope with the loss of my transplanted kidney. Beginning next week I will start dialysis treatments at the local clinic—curiously ten years to the day from the date of my transplant operation on January 28, 1981.

The by-products of kidney failure, including anemia, edema, high blood pressure, numbness and insomnia, finally got to me. Being a knuckle-headed Capricorn, it took a lot of pain to convince me that I could no longer put off dealing with the seriousness of my disease. After consulting with my doctor yesterday, he and I agreed that it was time to inaugurate dialysis treatments.

In addition, I have decided to wait until the FDA approves the wonder drug FK506, before I accept a new kidney. FK506 is 50 to 100 times more effective in preventing rejection of a transplanted organ than current immunosuppressive drug therapies. FK506 is now in clinical trials at the University of Pittsburgh, and is due to be approved by the FDA soon. Suffice it to say that my decision to wait for approval of FK506 before accepting a kidney, due to my previous history of rejecting a transplanted kidney on conventional immunosuppressive drugs in July, 1980, has the support of my doctor and his colleagues in the field.

Your prayers and meditations on my behalf are acknowledged and appreciated.

Love and blessings,



P.S. Please share this with your classes.

P.P.S. Update as of February 4thindicates that, as the toxic wastes are eliminated from my body, I feel very much better!