January 30, 1980

In this letter Moineddin complains to Taj about a Sufi Order calendar which disrespects Sufi Murshid Samuel L. Lewis by omitting mention of his birthday, while celebrating other spiritual notables like Meher Baba. I wonder how Pir Moineddin would have dealt with the banning of Mansur’s book Murshid from the catalog and bookstore of The Abode of the Message by Taj’s son, Pir Zia, the successor of Pir Vilayat? (Probably just how Murshid Wali Ali Meyer did: Write a letter to Pir Zia!) The disrespect for Mansur's book, because it speaks truthfully about Pir Vilayat, continues to the present day. But it has done nothing to interfere with the cooperation between the Ruhaniat and the Sufi Order, as the Ruhaniat leadership continues to overlook this slight to their teacher, following the teachings of Hazrat Inayat Khan to overlook the shortcomings of others.

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January 30, 1980

Dear Taj Inayat,

As-salaam aleikhum!

My secretary, Fatima, received her copy of the new calendar with sayings from Hazrat Inayat Khan for each month. I was impressed with the ideal behind the calendar: to honor the prophets, saints and masters of all times. I was even impressed with the inclusion of George Washington who, as I understand from an article in the Holy Order of Mans’ magazine, Sonflowers, was a visionary and a spiritual man.

But I have a plaint, not a complaint, but a plaint—as in, “He uttered a plaintive cry…” When I turned to the month of October and looked at the square for the 18th, there were one or two Christian saints listed—God bless them—but where, oh where, was the name of Samuel Lewis? I looked but could find no mention made of either the birthday or the URS of the man whose efforts, personal and cosmic, contributed to the actual restoration of the Sufi work which had for decades suffered and suffered and suffered.

The irony of it all is that Meher Baba’s birthday is mentioned; and it was at the hands of his followers that the work of the Sufi Order, at least in America, fell into rupture and ultimate dissolution. But I don’t have to repeat this to you; you know the history.

I believe you are also aware of the actual history of the events of the spring of 1968. Murshid and I drove to the airport to meet Pir Vilayat for the first time. We found him in the baggage area and then drove him to the Mentorgarten where he was Murshid’s guest for supper, and later was the guest speaker of honor in Murshid’s living room. Were it not for this meeting of Pir Vilayat with Murshid’s disciples one wonders how your own life would have turned out. Or Pir Vilayat’s life for that matter.

As I recall, Pir’s audiences prior to his Mentorgarten lecture were confined to small groups of older women in places like Cleveland. But please, this is not to second-guess the ways and means of Allah. This is only to call to your attention a matter which I consider an oversight—if not an outright slight—of a man who has figured more than a little in our spiritual developments.

And for the recond, when a few months ago I discovered that a Ruhaniat publication came out advertising a photo of “Inayat Khan”, I ordered immediate recall of the brochures and had every single one of them revised to read “Pir-o-Murshid Indyat Khan” And then I considered them fit for release.

I hope I am not being unpleasant. You have always been honest with me in your letters. And I feel that if a similar calendar comes out next year, you will please give some regard to what I have said. A simple little thing like mentioning Samuel Lewis’ birthday will go a long way toward fulfilling the ideal behind the calendar.

And I enclose a Xerox from a recent Sunday newspaper on the subject of some Gnostic manuscripts unearthed in Egypt in 1945. The newspapers interview is more personal, warmer, than the tone of the book—which I also read. Thought you would find it interesting.

With love and blessings,


cc: Wali Ali Meyer

      Mansur Johnson

      Suria Less