November 28, 1978, to Taj

In which Moineddin reports that Fatima has been designated successor to him.


November 28, 1978

Dear Taj Inayat,

As-salaam aleikhum!

I just finished writing to Elizabeth, mostly reiterating my thanks for her fine articles in the October and November issues of The Message, with a little extra verbage thrown in for good measure!

Sikander phoned last night to say that Pir’s June camp dates are still not firm; we’re waiting word because we want to hold a music camp with Allaudin in June but don’t want to overlap the dates with Pir’s camp. Also, Arif phoned Allaudin a few days ago to arrange something later in the summer at the Abode with Pran Nath [Shabda’s music guru]. Inshallah, all will meet with success.

A few notes from our recent Leader’s Gathering: some 60 persons attended, mostly from the Pacific Northwest, the Southwest, a few from the Midwest, Majid from Virginia, a few from Northern California, and the majority from the Bay Area Centers. Yellow robes were presented to Majid, Ishaz and Muqit—Sheikha, Sheikh and Khalif respectively. Fatima received the mantle of transmission as spiritual successor (Khalifa) in the Sufi Islamia Ruhaniat Society, signified outwardly by the bestowal of one of Murshid S.A.M.’s silver heart-garlands from Pakistan; the two remaining gold heart-garlands are at the Garden of Inayat and the Mentorgarten, representing the abode of the Murshid’s heart. Fatima was also named Murshida. Wali Ali will write a full article for the Spring issue of Bismillah, pictures included.

Our primary focus was to stress the absolute need for all Sheikhs and Leaders to place the needs of Allah before personal wants. We gave much time to Murshid’s lessons on “Instructions for the Pir” as well as to lessons from “Malikiyyat” on Mujahida and Mushahida. But perhaps most interesting of all, we interspersed the verbal presentations with the practices (ryazat) deleted in the present editions of “The Sufi Message of Spiritual Liberty” (Vol. V, The Sufi Message). That is to say, we practiced Zikar, Fikar, Kasab, Shaghal and (for those of 10thgrade and above) Amal.

Actually, this is the real reason for this letter. I have noticed that you are gradually bringing out Hazrat Inayat Khan’s teachings in new formats, under the Sufi Order or Messenger press. I just want to encourage you to include the deleted portion which appeared in the original version of “A Sufi Message of Spiritual Liberty.” I have that original edition, published in 1914, before me now. The portion in question may be found about 2/3rds of the way through the section entitled “Sufism” (page 23 in Vol. V). The deleted portion reads:

“The Sufic method of realization,--the study of Shariat, Tareekat, Hakeekat and Marefat, also the practice of Zikar, Fikar, Kasab, Shagal and Amal is claimed to be the easiest, shortest, and most interesting for spiritual accomplishment.” (All of the terminologies are italicized in the original).

Better yet, let me Xerox the pages in question (enclosed).

I feel it is important for us as Modern representatives of Sufism to show that we are familiar with these stages of progress, and this system of training. The more we have interchange with Sufis from other parts of the world, the more knowledgeable we shall have to be. Naturally, we may have our own interpretations of “Shariat”—especially as Hazrat Inayat Khan has given a broad interpretation of this stage in Vol. XII, the chapter “The Divine Presence” (Page 68). He simply says that Shariat is Idealizing God—and surely we can all appreciate that, no matter what the norms and forms of our worship may be.

Oh yes, I don’t want to forget to mention that Surya Singer was named Sahib-i-Dil (10thgrade) and presented with a brown robe, and Shemseddin was named Protector of the Faith (he was named Nakib several months ago). Now, after all has been said at the Ruhaniat Leader’s Gathering, it is incumbent that what we have said be done, inshallah. And we said a lot…

Love to you and Pir & the family,

Moineddin and Fatima

cc: Wali Ali