October 10, 1979

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Noor Mahal

October 10, 1979

Dear Mansur,

As-salaam Aleikhum!

Thank you muchly for your letter of Oct. 4. Did I step over the line in my last letter? I may have. But if you could absorb Murshid, you can take me. Huh?

What I was referring to mainly in saying that thing about dissociation from the Ruhaniat, was that certain ways of looking at you tended to get a little estranged when you and Murshid had your apparent arguments (the typewriter, etc.) and ultimately you have to move out of the Khankah. I hope my history is right; mostly I was in the hospital during that time. I didn’t mean the Ruhaniat organizationally, but rather its members. But as you say, bygones are bygones. Things are different now, and I am happy, really happy.

I’ve been following the Seabrook news on nat’l T.V. and just assumed that you and/or Geneve would be there.

My secretary is out right now Xeroxing copies of two letters and a poem that my friend from Iowa City wrote recently. You remember Jim Mulac? He’s co-editor of a literary mag called “The Spirit that Moves Us.” The poem he wrote contains a lot of history that I had completely forgotten; I thought you’d like to see it and remember some of those times again.

You’re welcome, more than welcome to visit Nov. 1st.

God bless you and Geneve and all your family, and devotees,