This photo of Moineddin and Fatima reminds me of an earlier letter when Moineddin writes about buying a new suit to wear when he goes to market with Fatima, shown here selling her art objects.


 How do Moineddin and Wali Ali respond when one of Murshid's close disciples, Daniel Lomax, questions Moineddin's naming his wife, Fatima, as his successor, based on a non-contested deathbed statement by Murshid which named Daniel?

This chapter of Letters from Moineddin, "Succession" consists of Moineddin's letter of April 4, 1978 to me, which refers to Daniel Lomax's letter of March 8, 1978 and Wali Ali's reply of March 28, 1978. Moineddin offers an expansive view of succession and Wali Ali answers Daniel directly.


April 4, 1978

Dear Mansur, Beloved One of Allah,

As-salaam aleikhum!

Thanks for your note of March 30, and the article on the mayor of the small Colorado village.

I’m enclosing a recent letter sent by Daniel [Lomax]—which I have not answered yet. However, he sent a copy to Wali Ali and Wali Ali answered it (much better than I could have. But I thought that you would find the exchange interesting. Enclosed also is a Xerox of Wali Ali’s answer to Daniel.

Anyhow, the song I sing is that each and every disciple of Murshid’s must sooner or later reach spiritual realization, thereby each and every disciple—all disciples—must become full successors in their own right. Whatever decisions I have made with regard to succession in the Ruhaniat should in no way affect Daniel’s ability to roar through the ranks, inshallah.

Still no reply from Mr. Begg. [see “Seeking Recognition” chapter for a copy of Moineddin’s letter to Begg]

This afternoon I go to the chiropractor to see if he can work out a pain under my shoulder-blade that’s been bothering me for months. It’s on Medi-Cal, and I can see the chiropractor twice a month according to the state’s rules.

My home dialysis is going better than I ever thought it would, alhamdulillah! Although Fatima trained as my chief aide, now Zamyat Mathieu and Fatima Roberts (my secretary) have begun to take over many aspects of the dialysis, leaving Fatima free to do her 1001 dharmas everyday.

We should know by this Friday whether we get our Petaluma house loan approved, inshallah. So many doors have opened as of late that it is easy for one to see the momentum including a successful issue on the matter of a Sonoma Khankah. But always one must say, INSHALLAH, INSHALLAH, INSHALLAH!!!

Lots of love to you, Geneve, Ananda, Nathan, Qayoom, Kirpal, and I forget the new one’s name [Yusuf Quddus Inayat Johnson].

With all blessings,