"Dear Reader: Prepare for a unique adventure of spiritual discovery and transformation.... you have before you a wild, bucking-bronco of a ride. Hold on!"
  -from the forward by Neil Douglas-Klotz,
author of The Sufi Book of Life

Orders for Murshid: a personal memoir of life with American Sufi Samuel L. Lewis taken here.

520 pages, 67 illustrations, a dramatis personae, glossary, and index

Publisher: PeaceWorks Publications

No Collector's Edition Hardbacks remain, but signed paperbacks are still available.

Updated: August, 2011

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Otis B. Johnson was a young college professor of English in the 1960s, when he joined the exodus of hippies going to California to meet someone his friend said could take them where they wanted to go the fastest.

Where did they want to go? - They wanted to meet the divinity, obtain God-consciousness, get enlightened, find love, experience samadhi, in short -  they didn't know for sure.

What happened? - Otis B. Johnson became Mansur Johnson during a three year encounter with the world's first Guru-Roshi-Murshid, Samuel L. Lewis.



 Murshid shows in intimate detail how Murshid, the first Western-born Sufi teacher, Zen master, and practitioner of Indian cosmic metaphysics, accomplished his life’s purpose.

    “Everytime I remember Sam, I end up laughing at myself. That’s pretty good work for a dead rascal-saint.”
    – Ram Dass, author of Still Here: Embracing Aging, Changing and Dying

    “I have no fonder memory of the 60’s than the appearance of this strange-looking man, who said things that made me first laugh, then smile, then later pause in appreciation of a spiritual original, a pioneer."
    – Dr. Jacob Needleman, author of The Wisdom of Love and The American Soul