Photos from the Book Murshid

Murshid in his dervish robe at the wedding of Jehanara and Hassan Herz, chosen as the frontispiece because it shows a small sample of the loving family beginning to gather.

Swami Ranganathananda Maharaj at The Temple of Understanding in Geneva Switzerland attended by Murshid and Mansur in 1970 from Chapter 1 


Murshid lecturing at his home, the Mentorgarden, from Chapter 2


Murshid lecturing at the Church of MANS from Chapter 2

Murshid in Mansur's VW van in Chapter 3

Murshid in Precita Park in San Francisco in Chapter 3 (buy)

 Moineddin Jablonski, Marsha Pavolic, Murshid, and Jehanara Herz at the DeYoung Museum in San Francisco in Chapter 3


Murshid in the garden at Amin's place in Corte Madera, California, called The Garden of Allah before a party in Chapter 3

Murshid balancing the broom at the December 23, 1967 Christmas party at the Garden of Allah in Chapter 3

left: Murshid attuned to Jesus

right: Sheila (Sheyla) McKendrick

in Chapter 4

top left: Murshid attuned to Krishna

top right: Murshid attuned to Rama

bottom: Murshid attuned to Buddha

All in Chapter 4

 Pir Vilayat Inayat Khan at the meditation retreat at Olompali Ranch in 1968 in Chapter 5


 Murshid in his Buddhist robe in Precita Park just outside his front door in Chapter 6

Murshid pushing Nathan B. Johnson on the swing in Bolinas, California in Chapter 7

Phillip Davenport (upper right) during the interview with renowned religious scholar Huston Smith in Chapter 7


Murshid reacting during the Huston Smith interview in Berkeley in Chapter 7

Huston Smith (upper right) with Murshid during his interview in Chapter 7

 upper left: the psychic Lois Robinson

upper right: the astrologer Gavin Arthur, grandson of President Chester Arthur

bottom: Lois and Ayesha Moffet

All in Chapter 8

 Murshid playing around, mugging for the camera with some students in Chapter 9

Opening of the Khankah, the Garden of Inayat

upper left: Jemila and Murshid

upper right: Moineddin left of Murshid; Mansur to the right

bottom: Fatima left of Murshid; Jemila to the right

All in Chapter 9

Top: Moineddin on ground, Murshid in the chair

bottom: Jemila, Fatima and Murshid getting food

All in Chapter 9

Reverend Neville Warwick, Joe Miller, Murshid, Rev. Eugene Wagner on page 140 in Chapter 9 (buy)

Murshid's God-daughters

top: Nancy Fish

bottom: Saadia Khawar Khan 

Both in Chapter 10

Murshid pulling Mansur's son Nathan along Railroad Avenue in Novato, California in Chapter 11

top: Murshid with coffee at Garden of Inayat in Novato

bottom: Moineddin and Murshid observing the rotation of the tattvas in Precita Park, San Francisco

Both in Chapter 12

Khalif Akbar Jim Simmons

Khalif Moineddin Jablonski and his wife Fatima

from Chapter 13

top: Father Earl Blighton, founder of the Church of MANS

bottom: Two students of Father Blighton in front of their cafe on Haight Street in San Francisco called Brother Junipers

Both from Chapter 14

The astrologer Gavin Arthur, friend of Murshid, as "King" at Banefsha's wedding in Chapter 15


 The initiation of Van Beasley by Murshid in Chapter 16 with Moineddin Jablonski in the foreground (top) above and going clockwise Murshid, Fatima Jablonski, Van, Akbar Simmons, and Daniel Lomax

 Murshid leading the men in the Ram dance in Chapter 16

Top: Fatima, Moineddin, Murshid, Rev. Eugene Wagner

Bottom: Moineddin, Murshid, and Rev. Wagner

Both in Chapter 16

Mansur leading the first Sufi dance at the Lama Foundation in Mexico in 1969 in Chapter 17

Mansur in Lama meeting room in Chapter 17

Murshid and the cat at the Mentorgarden in Chapter 18, reminiscent of the cover of Sokei-an Sasaki's autobiography Holding the Lotus to the Rock, which shows Sokei-an, one of Murshid's Buddhist teachers, holding a cat. Both loved the cat.

Jehanara, Moineddin, Fatima, Murshid, and Gwen Bernham in Chapter 19

Saadia Khawar Khan, Melvin Meyer, and Dwen Bernham in Chapter 19

Jemila Johnson, Pir Vilayat Inayat Khan, and Tandy Beal in Chapter 20

Back row: David Hoffmaster, Mansur Johnson

Front row: Melvin Meyer, Mary Sue Sutton, Benefsha Gest, Murshid, Pir Vilayat, Jemila Johnson, unidentified female, and Tandy Beal in Chapter 20

Murshid Samuel Lewis and Pir Vilayat Khan in Chapter 20

Look of compassion in Chapter 21

Saul driving Mansur's VW van with Murshid in the passenger seat in Chapter 22

Saul, Murshid and Helen at Crater Lake in Oregon in Chapter 22


Murshid and Shamcher Bryn Beorse at Shamcher home in Keyport, Washington in Chapter 22

Murshid at a waterfall along the Columbia River in Chapter 22

Murshid in prayer cap in Chapter 23

Alhamdu Lillah, praise to God, in the meditation room at the Garden of Inayat in Chapter 24

Murshid with eyes closed in Chapter 25

Mansur's darshan taken during the filming of Sunseed in Chapter 26

Murshid at the Temple of Understanding in Chapter 26

Another shot from the Temple of Understanding in Geneva in Chapter 26

Murshid in the morgue from the Epilogue

God rest his soul.

When this shot was taken the etheric breath was seen moving in and out.




Murshid photos not used in book: